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free woodworking plans

free woodworking plans

The two have a long history working together. They started as music students, when Shelstad was an accompanist. They’ve performed together many times and she accompanied his students. One of McIntosh’s earliest pieces is a pine music stand he made during their school days for the soloists Shelstad was accompanying. He added some notation and her initials.

He also made a maple jewelry box for her with mitred corners. Its design is more contemporary than the other pieces in the house. He tries to keep the age and architecture of the setting in mind when designing furniture.

White shares step-by-step, free woodworking plans on her website. Many of her plans are inspired by designer furniture that retails for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Instead of paying retail prices, White takes the idea and makes the furniture.

White uses Google SketchUp, a software tool that allows users to create, modify and share 3D models using a tool-set and intelligent drawing system. The free software is available for download on Windows and Mac.
“Figuring out the fundamentals of SketchUp to create simple furniture plans can be done in a relatively short amount of time,” she says. “The community section of my website has forums where members share tips and offer advice on woodworking products.”

She has a tutorial on her site that explains how to create plans in Google SketchUp. Members can submit original plans and photos, and other members can add comments or advice on building furniture ( ).

Like his voice, his woodworking skills were honed from an early age. His father was a carpenter, and his great-granduncle a cabinetmaker. He inherited the latter’s toolbox, full of specialized instruments, each stamped with his name, James Crerar.

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